81FluZyCSkL_SL1500_My life was a standard school, college, work path until one day I read agame-changing quote from Robert Schuller quote “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”.

Hmm, honestly, really. Well truth be known it turns out the winner of the rat race is still a rat though I’d never force myself to consider what it, shall we say my igiagi, might be. It’s to become a songwriter. That’s the back of the note pad scribble when I have something urgent to do, the front of the mind fantasy when I’m tuned out. Please tell me yours? I have been chasing the dream since.

Sourfish is my guitar driven musical act. I wrote the songs, play guitar and have asked, borrowed, begged and sought for all manner of help along the way.I try to dissect and challenge thinking and believe it’s worth swimming the other way in the pursuit of happiness. imageSF

Debut EP is currently available from 17.09.16 and is free by clicking here.
My posts will share any tips, thoughts, hacks, mistakes and victories from the journey which I hope might help others or might entertain. I aspire to inspire others to chase their dream too. I believe all skills are learnable and big things are worth shooting for. Do you?

Perhaps I will convert to full-time music man/ part-time finance man or even if it stays the other way round, better to have tried.

Either way, I hope you like it, I’d love if you’d listen and be infinitely grateful if you share.
Happiness in every note,


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